Urban Organics

Côte&Ciel is an homage to the productive collision of forces you’ll find at the meeting point between coast and sky. A parisian lifestyle accessory brand focusing on travel bags and gadget carry goods. Anakin has been a partner since day one from working on the idea of a zipper less sleeve over international video shoots up until a world wide ecommerce platform with distribution hubs in the Emericas, Europe and Asia.



The website has a complex, entirely customized backend and infrastructure. The brief was to integrate three independent B2C webstores for USA, Europe and Asia. Additionally we developed B2B Stores for all markets, which are hooked up to a global inventory management system, with AddOns like RMA platform, Reporting/Business intelligence tools, accounting integration, CMS integration, mediaroom and many more.

Video clips

Video campaigns

Côte&Ciel / Coral / Los Angeles. Videography by Alessandro Tinelli.

Côte&Ciel / Sunlight / Venice Beach. Videography by Alessandro Tinelli.

Côte&Ciel / Memories of Tokio / Japan. Videography by Alessandro Tinelli.

Image Video Campaigns

Alessandro Tinelli, an Italian video artist, works with Anakin for many years to come up with conceptional and progressive image videos that are used for installations on the website and social campaigns.

Product Photography


Development of a photography style guide using soft shadows and lights to create a lite feel for consistant product representation.

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