The Praxenthaler brothers run 8 outdoor sports shops in Bavaria. Anakin was hired to develop a catalog that could step up with the marketing material of outdoor brands and at the same time bring in deeper value to the customer compared to a regular sales broshure by adding tour guides, personal stories about the brothers and professional tips on how to use gear and equipment.


Products & Context

Most retail shops put together simple sales flyers packed with products and prices and leave the product presentation to the brands. We decided to go far beyond that create a customer experience including action and image product photography, a new way to visualize a set configurator plus in-depth customer support through tour guides, how-to-use sections for equipment and a personal stories.


Graphic Elements

Corporate Design

In addition to the design and layout of the catalog, we developed recurring design elements and icons to keep a consitant brand image. Posters and Online Ads were created for local events and special offers. 


Ski Set Configurator

Displaying a high number of skies paired with multiple combinations of bindings most of the time lacks usability and reminds of crossword puzzles. We used a circular presentation with an outer circle showing all skies include a base price per ski. In the centre we placed all binding options with the price that will be added to the ski. 


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