F&W Mediencenter is a print and production house for top notch offset paper printing. Working with Chanel, Ortovox, Dynafit, FC Bayern Munich and Nils Holger Moorman on Image Books, Magazines and Invitations, F&W has a design driven approach and works with best of industry german LE-UV print technology. Anakin developed a new Corporate Identity, followed by a company image broshure and ad campaings.



Through state of the art printing technology with machinery that you find only a hand full of times in Europe F&W was expanding their portfolio from bulk production for local industry clients to high class magazine printing. Clients such as leading creative agencies, Sneakers magazine, Novum World of Graphic Design and Chanel demand a high grade of design understanding. Therefore we created a completly new Identity to make this new clientele feel home.


Company Brochure

One of the most important sales materials for printing places is a image brochure. Going away from explaning services and talking facts, we developed an image book giving a real life example of the printing quality on different papers. 

Corporate Website + Virtual Showroom

Corporate Website + Virtual Showroom

F&W prints some of the hottest lifestyle magazines and gets spotted by trending agencies and brands. Thats why we needed to create a website that shows that printing is not only about technical capabilities but a lot about understanding and matching your customers style. F&W positioned itself as a print company that is more than just a supplier but an extension in developing great products by making the best out of the design given.


Corporate shoot

Printing still involves a lot of craft and working with bare hands. Working with a natural material such as paper attention to detail is key. Leica photographers Seifert&Übler did a great job in catching the mix of old an traditional machinery as well as portraying people who love their jobs.

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