Ulyana Sergeenko
Russian Haute

Ulyana Sergeenko is Russia's number one fashion label and the only russian brand in Haute Couture. Anakin was asked to develop a highly playful and unique website to transport the soul and fairytale inspired story of the cloth. Each collection would have a dedicated website with an own layout. In addition to the Website we developed an E-Store concept that is based on "Private Shopping". Password protected, curated private sales for premium customers among them Madonna, Beyonce and Natalie Porter.

Logo Design


Corporate Identity

The red horse was a childhood toy of Ulyana from the time where she started to fall in love with russian fairytales and historic stories. We created an additional version of the horse with a more crafted look. After meeting Frol Burimskiy (brand manger) in Moscow we travelled to Rostov Veliky to learn more about the russian coulture, history and the religious influence to Ulyana's work. This journey opened up a whole new world and lead the direction to bring a dreamy / fairytale touch to the brand identity.

Store concept

Boutique Privée

In addition to the corporate website, Ulyana asked us to come up with a highly exclusive ecommerce concept. Based on the concept of a "Boutique Privée", we designed a store that works by invitation only and only features limited edition pieces and accessories.


Ulyana's world

For the website we wanted to step away from conventional fashion looks that are most of the time very sharp, clean and monochrome. Haute Couture is about exclusivity, crafts and limitless dedication to create something unique. Ulyana ties her cloth directly to fairy tales and certain epochs of the russian history. Therefore every collection got it's own world and look based on it's origin. 

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