Kontextür is a NY based design company collaborating with selected creative talent around the world to come up with original and fun designer products. "People like things that are simply nice and functional with no extravagant promises of beeing "Transformational!!" - Kenneth. We got hired to give the Brand a new Look and to build a strong Brand Website and eStore.


Website & Store

The soul of Kontextür feeds from working closly with individual artists that bring in their unique style and way of thinking. Each artist got an own artist profile on the website featuring info about the artist and products that can be purchased online through a custom designed and seemlessly integrated shopify webstore. 


Packaging Illustrations

For the new packaging of the Kontextür Play series, we developed a number of water color vector illustrations and simplified icons.


Print promotions

Point of Sale

Supporting the online campaigns we created print Posters and collectables to display the Play series in stores and boutiques.

Corporate Identity

Identity Evolution

Keeping the roots of the brand we re-touched the logo and emphasized boldness and contrast. We developed a system that can introduce additional product lines. Artist collaborations are located in a third layer completing the picture - Kontextür / Play / x Artist. 

Corporate Identity

Video clips

Product introductions

Kontextür | Play - The Great White

Kontextür | Play - Diver Down

Taking the toys for a walk

The fun part!! Videoshoot with the italian director Andressandro Tinelli Taking the Great White and the Diver for a swim in the streets of Paris. What a fun day :) 

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